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How to Choose Your Leggings

July 23, 2020

Which Legging is Best For You?

Can we all agree that a good pair of leggings is essential for a killer workout? Whether it be an intense round of boxing or a heavy weight leg day, the perfect leggings really makes or breaks your confidence. Finding that staple piece of clothing really makes it the easiest process when choosing your daily gym attire. Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you go one one level harder. So what fit is best for you? 

Let’s dive deeper into our choices:


The compressive, high waisted legging allows athletes to pursue their best while being comfortable and contoured. In the seamless leggings, you’ll be able to see your form in every move you do, and be confident with the shaping and functionality of your fit. 

The seamless leggings also feature an extra long waistband, so if you have a longer torso, the waist will sit over your hips, whilst staying in place during a long sweat session. If you have a shorter torso, these leggings will give you the illusion of an elongated leg, while allowing you to fold over the waistband for a breathable fit. 


These popular and soft leggings are such a diverse product that we created multiple different versions of them. The incredibly smooth, yet fitted fabric is perfect for high intensity workouts without balling up or fraying. Each legging features high waisted coverage, great for active rest days, or powerful workouts. 

The classic Inlux leggingsare simple, created for every body type. The 7/8th length is extremely flattering on every leg, stopping just above the ankle on shorter legs, and stopping a few inches below the end of your calf for longer legs. 

The Inlux Pro Legging was created with that same matte finish, meant for durability and functionality of a professional athlete. The new seam detailing hits in all the right places, giving you a more dynamic look on a simplistic design.

Let’s Talk Sizing

We offer a customizable sizing system that takes all of your measurements into account. You adjust your height, weight, age, and body proportions to find the perfect fit for you. We describe the ideal fit for your body, as well as a snug fit - because some people like their activewear to hug them a little tighter. From there, you choose the fit you’re looking for and drop it into your shopping cart! 

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